Bespoke Guitar Straps for Jazz Maestro Martin Taylor

Recently I had the pleasure of making a couple of guitar straps for guitar Maestro Martin Taylor. Martin is one of the foremost Jazz guitarists in the World. He’s come a long way since spending 11 years as Stefan Grapelli’s guitarist. If you haven’t heard him play then you are missing something! A while ago I saw him in a duo with Tommy Emmanuel and was completely blown away by the interaction between them and by the sheer artistry and virtuosity of their playing. That collaboration led to great album called The Colonel and The Governor.

I’ve made three straps for Martin. The first is an adjustable length one with a buckle, based on Martin’s measurements, and with holes punched for Schaller Straplock fittings. Martin has that fitted to his Peerless Martin Taylor ‘Maestro’ guitar which he uses for touring. The second and third are simple fixed length straps for fitment to a handbuilt masterpiece made by Mike Vanden, and his other guitars. Mike Vanden makes fantastic quality instruments in his workshop in Scotland. Martin was concerned about a buckled strap damaging the finish on this precious guitar.

These are examples of what I can make for the discerning guitarist. As usual, the leather used comes from the finest tannery in the UK, Baker’s of Colyton, tanned using oak bark. The tannery has been on the site for over 400 years and produces the only oak bark tanned material in the country. It is of outstanding suppleness and quality. Edges are hand burnished using beeswax. Stiching is by hand using saddle stitch, or solid copper rivets may be specified. Straps can be made in pretty much any width or length and can be personalised to your requirements.

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