Bespoke Watch Straps

Some time ago a collector of vintage watches approached me to make some watch straps for his collection. He had a variety of timepieces from different era ranging from the 30’s to the 60’s. I made a number of straps, all in the English oak bark tanned leather that I use almost exclusively.


I’m now offering a variety of straps made to order for vintage or modern watches. For the military watches I have produced a one piece strap in pigskin pattern leather, as well as a distressed leather strap which works well with the patinated military watches, which have often had a hard life! A leather ‘NATO’ style strap is also available.


The more luxurious straps have polished edges, hand burnished with gum tragacanth or beeswax. Edges are bevelled with an edge shave, or can be left in cut finish. Crease lines can also be provided if necessary.

Hand stitched luxury finish strap, fitted to a 1940’s Lemania…


All details are hand stitched using saddle stitch.

Simple distressed leather one piece strap for WWII watch…


Pigskin effect leather one piece strap for military watch…


They are available to order in lengths to suit most wrists, with one or two keepers. I can use your existing buckle or provide a new one.

Prices range from £40 to £100.


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