Canvas and Leather Bags – Concept

There are a lot of bags out there on the market but I was frustrated in trying to find a bag that is simple looking, timeless and hard wearing. I wanted it to be made from top quality materials that would age gracefully and acquire patina with use. Since I couldn’t find what I wanted I set out to produce my own.

Canvas is heavy duty 16 ounce cotton, and linings 12 ounce loom-state canvas. Leather straps and closings are made from what I consider to be the finest English leather, oak bark tanned at Baker’s of Colyton, where the tannery has been operating for 400 years. This leather is very fine, hard wearing and supple… Quality comes at a price and it IS expensive! Edges of most straps are hand burnished using gum tragacanth, a natural substance derived from the sap of a plant, rather than being painted with a chemical edge finish. Fittings are solid brass or nickel plated solid brass, and rivets are solid copper, hand hammered and set. Each bag is different with variations in small details so that every one is exclusive. I am also collaborating with master knot tyer Des Pawson in producing a limited number of straps in natural hemp rope with fancy knots. Those of you familiar with my vintage bicycle blog will know that I am heavily into cycling, so there will be some cycling related bags to come including a luxury leather musette.

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