Bespoke Watch Straps

Some time ago a collector of vintage watches approached me to make some watch straps for his collection. He had a variety of timepieces from different era ranging from the 30’s to the 60’s. I made a number of straps, all in the English oak bark tanned leather that I use almost exclusively.


I’m now offering a variety of straps made to order for vintage or modern watches. For the military watches I have produced a one piece strap in pigskin pattern leather, as well as a distressed leather strap which works well with the patinated military watches, which have often had a hard life! A leather ‘NATO’ style strap is also available.


The more luxurious straps have polished edges, hand burnished with gum tragacanth or beeswax. Edges are bevelled with an edge shave, or can be left in cut finish. Crease lines can also be provided if necessary.

Hand stitched luxury finish strap, fitted to a 1940’s Lemania…


All details are hand stitched using saddle stitch.

Simple distressed leather one piece strap for WWII watch…


Pigskin effect leather one piece strap for military watch…


They are available to order in lengths to suit most wrists, with one or two keepers. I can use your existing buckle or provide a new one.

Prices range from £40 to £100.


Watch travel wallet

A bespoke leather travel wallet to contain 3 watches up to 44 mm in diameter. Constructed in superb oak bark tanned leather from Devon. Soft and supple yet thick enough to provide protection for valuable watches. Completely hand stitched, with solid copper rivet details. Strap in bridle leather with polished and burnished edges, crease lines and solid brass buckle.

To order from £150.




It’s all in the detail….




Work aprons to France

A recent order for six work aprons for a French customer, almost ready to go….





Canvas and leather wash bags

A simple canvas and leather roll top wash bag made in heavyweight canvas, lined in natural canvas, with strap and closure in oak bark tanned saddle leather. Solid copper rivets complete the construction.

To order in black, orange, green and brown.



Canvas and Leather Work Apron

A canvas and leather work apron made from tough 16oz canvas and Oak Bark tanned leather. Leather straps riveted with solid copper rivets and stress points reinforced with copper rivets and leather washers. Solid brass or nickel on brass buckle.Can be custom made depending on the required use. Available in a selection of colours.





New Bags – ‘Sakebukuro’ bicycle tool bag and shoulder bag

I recently acquired a very limited number of vintage ‘Sakebukuro’ bags. These are bags used in the Sake making process in Japan, for filtering the rice water. They are dyed using persimmon juice, which acts like a preservative and germ killing agent for the bags. It also strengthens them and prevents them from being attacked by insects when they are stored. The resulting colours of the canvas material are beautiful and varied depending on the wear and how many times the dye has been re-applied. Some of the bags have lovely repairs which add a lot of character. A very limited number of these bags are available, and each varies in size depending on the characteristics of the piece of material. Please Note: As the fabric is many years old, the bags are suitable for light use only.


The first item is a bicycle tool bag which can be strapped to your front or rear rack, or it can be used for a multitude of other purposes. Ideal for carrying your spare inner tube, puncture repair outfit and multi-tool. If you use it for carrying tools, I suggest you wrap them in a rag to keep the shape of the bag.  Sizes vary a little depending on the original bag, around 255 x 320 mm. The second is a small shoulder bag, of the same size. Both are unlined, and feature straps and closures in beautiful oak bark tanned leather, with hand burnished edges.

Supplies of these vintage bags are very limited, so hurry!

Please enquire for prices









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