Porsche 356 Interior luggage straps

A recent commission was these luggage straps for a Porsche 356c. They are to the exact original dimensions and spec, except for being made from much better leather than the originals (which were often in chromium tanned leather) and better finished. Of course they can be made to closer to original spec if required.


Austin 7 Ulster – Bonnet and spare wheel compartment straps

A pair of straps for a very nice Austin 7 Ulster, one of my favourite cars. Made to original spec, with just a couple of minor detail changes.



The bonnet strap is unusually fixed on the inside of the engine compartment, and exits through a slot below the bonnet. The rear strap is considerably narrower and secures the cover over the spare wheel compartment.

As usual they are made from Baker’s of Colyton oak bark tanned leather, and should last until petrol supplies dry up!


Vintage racing car leather bonnet and spare wheel straps

Recently we made a set of leather bonnet straps and spare wheel straps for a beautiful vintage race car, in fabulous oak bark tanned English leather. The customer asked us to re-use the old hardware so a bit of patina was already built in. They are constructed from 5mm thick Baker’s Dark Havana stirrup butt, which is not likely to stretch a great deal. Edges are hand burnished and creased, and the straps are constructed using solid copper hand beaten rivets, and saddle stitching. They will age very nicely with use, and last many years.

We can make similar items for you, to order. We can also do matching grab handles, key rings etc..






Bespoke Guitar Straps for Jazz Maestro Martin Taylor

Recently I had the pleasure of making a couple of guitar straps for guitar Maestro Martin Taylor. Martin is one of the foremost Jazz guitarists in the World. He’s come a long way since spending 11 years as Stefan Grapelli’s guitarist. If you haven’t heard him play then you are missing something! A while ago I saw him in a duo with Tommy Emmanuel and was completely blown away by the interaction between them and by the sheer artistry and virtuosity of their playing. That collaboration led to great album called The Colonel and The Governor.

I’ve made three straps for Martin. The first is an adjustable length one with a buckle, based on Martin’s measurements, and with holes punched for Schaller Straplock fittings. Martin has that fitted to his Peerless Martin Taylor ‘Maestro’ guitar which he uses for touring. The second and third are simple fixed length straps for fitment to a handbuilt masterpiece made by Mike Vanden, and his other guitars. Mike Vanden makes fantastic quality instruments in his workshop in Scotland. Martin was concerned about a buckled strap damaging the finish on this precious guitar.

These are examples of what I can make for the discerning guitarist. As usual, the leather used comes from the finest tannery in the UK, Baker’s of Colyton, tanned using oak bark. The tannery has been on the site for over 400 years and produces the only oak bark tanned material in the country. It is of outstanding suppleness and quality. Edges are hand burnished using beeswax. Stiching is by hand using saddle stitch, or solid copper rivets may be specified. Straps can be made in pretty much any width or length and can be personalised to your requirements.

Enquire for prices







Bespoke Watch Straps

Some time ago a collector of vintage watches approached me to make some watch straps for his collection. He had a variety of timepieces from different era ranging from the 30’s to the 60’s. I made a number of straps, all in the English oak bark tanned leather that I use almost exclusively.


I’m now offering a variety of straps made to order for vintage or modern watches. For the military watches I have produced a one piece strap in pigskin pattern leather, as well as a distressed leather strap which works well with the patinated military watches, which have often had a hard life! A leather ‘NATO’ style strap is also available.


The more luxurious straps have polished edges, hand burnished with gum tragacanth or beeswax. Edges are bevelled with an edge shave, or can be left in cut finish. Crease lines can also be provided if necessary.

Hand stitched luxury finish strap, fitted to a 1940’s Lemania…


All details are hand stitched using saddle stitch.

Simple distressed leather one piece strap for WWII watch…


Pigskin effect leather one piece strap for military watch…


They are available to order in lengths to suit most wrists, with one or two keepers. I can use your existing buckle or provide a new one.

Prices range from £40 to £100.


Watch travel wallet

A bespoke leather travel wallet to contain 3 watches up to 44 mm in diameter. Constructed in superb oak bark tanned leather from Devon. Soft and supple yet thick enough to provide protection for valuable watches. Completely hand stitched, with solid copper rivet details. Strap in bridle leather with polished and burnished edges, crease lines and solid brass buckle.

To order from £150.




It’s all in the detail….




Work aprons to France

A recent order for six work aprons for a French customer, almost ready to go….





Canvas and leather wash bags

A simple canvas and leather roll top wash bag made in heavyweight canvas, lined in natural canvas, with strap and closure in oak bark tanned saddle leather. Solid copper rivets complete the construction.

To order in black, orange, green and brown.



Canvas and Leather Work Apron

A canvas and leather work apron made from tough 16oz canvas and Oak Bark tanned leather. Leather straps riveted with solid copper rivets and stress points reinforced with copper rivets and leather washers. Solid brass or nickel on brass buckle.Can be custom made depending on the required use. Available in a selection of colours.